The Kathisti Gineka ring
The Kathisti Gineka ring

The Kathisti Gineka ring

SFr. 690.00
The Kathisti Gineka or seated woman in Greek with rubies or sapphires set all around!
A beautiful piece that reminds you of an antique treasure. The seated woman is a ring that celebrates us, women!


It is a tribute to the woman of yesterday, of today and of tomorrow.


Silver or 18k Yellow Gold

If in Silver, 11 sapphires of 1.5mm diameter

If in 18k Gold, 11 rubies of 1.5mm diameter

Coin diameter: Width: 12 mm; Height: 16 mm; Thickness: 1 - 2.5 mm

Band: 2 mm

This is a sample photo. Your ring would be custom built just for you and will have unique variations from this photo. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.
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