The Aionios Ring
The Aionios Ring

The Aionios Ring

SFr. 820.00
Aionios means eternal, everlasting in Greek. It comes from the Greek root aion meaning age
Eternity rings date to the Egyptian times and were considered as a token of both eternal love and life. The eternity ring’s circular shape, with diamonds all around the band, symbolises lasting love and immortalise a couple’s love for each other. They are traditionally given at special times in a couple’s relationship like a wedding day, an anniversary or the birth of a first child, but we don't say no to creating your own tradition and give it your own meaning!
Silver 925
Gold 18k
Diamonds 1.5 mm 
Band: 1.70 mm - 2.40 mm
This is a sample photo. Your ring would be custom built just for you and will have unique variations from this photo. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.
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