The Arche necklace
The Arche necklace

The Arche necklace

SFr. 195.00
Arche was the muse of origins. 
The Arche pendant was inspired by antique vases. Ancient Greeks used to have many types of vases, each having their own utility. They were used for storage and transport or as jugs and cups and also as containers for oils, perfumes and cosmetics.
These vases were also used a lot for rituals and ceremonies.
This tiny pendant is the perfect necklace to wear everyday, reminding you where you come from! It is discrete and dresses your neck delicately.
Silver 925
Yellow Gold 18k
Chain: 1 mm; 40 cm long
Pendant: Length: 10.37 mm Thickness: 3.66 mm
This is a sample photo. Your necklace would be custom built just for you and will have unique variations from this photo. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.