An ELI-O piece is usually conceived after a long thought on the design. I first draw the piece I imagined and then start the actual making of it.
Sometimes though, I let my hands do the work and come up with a piece without having it imagined or designed beforehand.
I then carve a piece of wax following as much as possible its design until it is exactly what I imagined.
Once the piece in wax is finished, I send it to be cast. The casting is made in Geneva and the furnishers of the metal used are also located in Switzerland to support and promote local artisans and minimize my environmental footprint.
When I get back the piece in metal, I make some modifications and finish it exactly as I want it to look in the end.
A mould of that piece is then made to be able to recreate it as many times needed.
Every ELI-O piece is finished with care and love until it is perfect to be worn by one beautiful soul. 
I then pack every piece in a nice cotton or linen bag stamped by the amazing people working at the EPI (Etablissements publics pour l'intégration), that contribute to the social and professional integration of disabled people or with social and professional difficulties, and send it to its lovely owner.
Thank you so much for your love and support!